In a world full of speed and passion, every detail is crucial. For the Tudor Pro Cycling Team, the shoes are not just a means to an end, but a symbol of their dedication to cycling. As their chosen footwear partner, we are honored to accompany them on this journey and surprise six pro riders with a truly special gift. Being part of a Swiss team holds great significance for us – it perfectly aligns with our core values of Swissness, Premiumness, and Simplicity, making this partnership with the Tudor Pro Cycling Team a perfect match.

Those shoes were specially designed for Tudor Pro Cycling, to give them the extra confidence to dare.

Our exclusive Team Edition began with the idea of ​​designing a custom shoe that perfectly complements the team’s elegant outfit. It is an honor and a joy for us to celebrate the achievements and dedication of the six pro riders, including Tom Bohli, Marco Brenner, Nils Brun, Alois Charrin, Jacob Eriksson, and Florian Stork, in this way. For the design of the Tudor Pro Cycling Team Edition shoe, we used our proven model, the white Edge+ 2.0 Road Pro. Black, white, and red – the team’s colors – formed the basis for the design, which we carefully matched to the shoe. The laser-engraved Tudor logo and the red color of the icon, reflected in the aluminum BOA® dials, create a harmonious overall picture.

The shoe handover was a special moment for the team. While the pro riders traveled from race to race, unfortunately, we couldn’t deliver the shoes to everyone individually. However, Nils Brun, who lives near us, took the time to visit us in Burgdorf so that we could personally hand over his shoe. The reactions of the pro riders as they received their shoes were overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to sharing these emotions with the world.

The Tudor Pro Cycling Team Edition shoe is more than just a shoe – it is a symbol of collaboration, dedication, and passion for cycling. We have created a shoe that embodies the history and pride of the Tudor Pro Cycling Team and accompanies them on their journey.