Fueled with excitement, we anticipated the participation of Stefan Küng in the 104th Tour de France with the BMC Racing Team. The grandest cycling event would kick off with a thrilling race against the clock. Knowing what to do, we wasted no time. We created a custom shoe of the EDGE+ Pro in yellow for the ultimate scenario, positive that they would soon be on Stefan’s feet. The next steps were clear. Robert and Daniel booked a flight to Düsseldorf with the special yellow shoes in their hand luggage – a yellow symbol of our unwavering support.



Our friend David Loosli, former professional cyclist, TV commentator and director of the Tour de Suisse, was covering the race for Swiss TV. Thanks to him we were granted the privilege of previewing the 14 km TT in the car before the race. From the commentator’s box of Swiss TV, we had the unique opportunity to watch the race from a different angle – an unforgettable and truly remarkable experience. Soon after, the race started on the wet streets of Düsseldorf, adding a demanding dimension to the competition.

Then finally, Stefan Küng rolled down the start ramp in the Swiss National TT Champion jersey. As the seconds started counting, we knew he started fast into the race. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation, the excitement reaching its zenith. Stefan unleashed a fast pace, etching the second-fastest time and won the Best Young Rider jersey. It was close, he just missed the yellow jersey by five seconds. What a shame…!

As we made our journey back home the following morning, David Loosli offered to keep the special shoes, just in case Stefan would win the yellow jersey in a later stage. Fate had a different plan, and Stefan’s triumph in the yellow jersey did not happen. And David took the special shoes back home.


Time passed and we forgot about the yellow shoes. An unexpected call from David Loosli revealed that the special shoes were still stowed away in his basement, patiently waiting for the moment of victory. Being the director of the Tour de Suisse, he knew there is a new upcoming opportunity for Stefan Küng to win the yellow jersey. Not at the Tour de France but at the Tour de Suisse.

So, the story continued and David carried the yellow shoes with him once again. In a thrilling race and with great excitement Stefan won the Time Trial of the Tour de Suisse claiming the yellow jersey!

Finally, after a long and remarkable journey, those yellow shoes found their place on Stefan’s feet.