June 2016
In spring 2015 we started to sell suplest in Australia through Dan, a big cycling enthusiast. He was in trade for various brands in Australia and approached us keen to sell suplest. As we discussed how to promote our small brand in the right way, Dan had a brilliant idea. He mentioned his friend who had just launched a cycling apparel company called MAAP. We hadn’t heard from this brand before, but we instantly fell in love with their bold, stylish designs and approach. MAAP was founded in 2014 and has grown impressively fast in its young live driven by a consistent design aesthetic. At one point, MAAP popped the question if we would be up for a shoe collaboration? Sure, we were! suplest and MAAP share many values, we found that we are a perfect match. And that’s how our collab began.


The story continued
After a very successful initial collab that captured significant brand recognition in Down Under, we watched an extraordinary growth of MAAP catching the attention of people worldwide. Meeting the co-founders in person, Ollie and Jarrad, we were impressed by their remarkable work and passion for progressive cycling apparel.

This led us to create a second collab shoe. The two colorways were launched at the Tour Down Under and the response left us speechless. 400 pairs were sold in just two days! An immense success we could hardly believe.

The amazing journey of the suplest and MAAP collab continued and we created a third shoe together in 2019. As you can see, each shoe design perfectly matches the collection. MAAP continuously transformed from a small entity to Australian’s leading cycling apparel company. Being involved in this incredible journey at one stage fills us with pride. We believe the cycling apparel friends from Down Under have created a fantastic brand.
Thanks for the ride!