Exactly! This is the guy who rides his fixie over five Swiss mountain passes in one day, covering almost 350 kilometers and 9,000 meters of altitude. Anyone who takes on such challenges must be able to rely completely on his material.

However, Patrick Seabase is not just an athlete, but a friend and ambassador who enriches our brand. His unique approach to cycling fascinates us greatly. He has an eye for design and aesthetics and embodies the spirit of Professional Minimalism to perfection.


With Patrick, we have found someone who shares our values and brings our shoes to life.
His courage, his insatiable hunger for adventure and his passion for cycling are an inspiration to us all. That’s why we’re even more pleased that he counts on suplest for his challenges.

He has been a loyal companion of suplest since 2013 and knows our shoes like no other.
Together, we created two stunning limited edition shoes that embody his rebellious charm and energy. Each pair tells a story of strength, fearlessness and individual expression.

In addition, we created two bespoke custom shoes for Seabase. The shoes were specially designed according to his wishes and preferences, and the result is two minimalist and purist masterpieces.